5 Questions
5 Questions
5 Questions
5 Questions
5 Questions

5 Questions

BluntPhrazez LLC

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5 Unanswerable Questions?
~ Can I get Pregnant from
reading 2 many comic books?
~ If God isn't racist than why
is it only blind people can't see?
~ If milk helps you grow big and
strong, why don't trees drink it?
~ Will eating too much beef make
me allergic 2 peanut butter?
~ if Freedom Is Priceless than why
have so many people given and
paid so much for it?
A unique BluntPhrazez statement in Your favorite area of the House, Office, Board Room, School, Information Desk, Concert, Events, Special Occasions, University's, Band Jam rooms, Trade Shows, etc. And you can even hang em on the Wall.
These matte, museum-quality Posters are printed on durable, archival paper.
Unique Inspiring Blunt Phrases ~
In the Dreams of our Heart, and the Hopes of our Soul
I'll meet you at the corner of Freedom and Speech.
Come get some BluntPhrazez, we'll be here,
Gardening in Your Mind...